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Read and print PDF documents with the free Adobe Reader.

Adobe™ has teamed up with Google™ to bring you a fully functional free version of Adobe Reader. This is the latest version of the popular Adobe Reader program.

  • Read and print PDF documents.
  • Latest version of Adobe Reader includes a new interface with new tools.
  • Adobe PDF is the global standard for distribution and viewing of information.
  • Add more security to you documents with Reader.
  • Verify and collaborate on docuements, both online and offline.
  • 100% Satisfaction.

User Comments

This is really the only program for viewing PDF documents on a PC. The latest version has a much improved interface, so if you are using anything earlier than Adobe Reader 8, you should definitely update to this last version of Adobe Reader. This is software is also known as Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Acrobat Reader.