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  1. Click the "Google Pack" button at the center of this page to begin your FREE download of Spyware Doctor Starter Edition.

  2. You will have the option to install additional free software. Add or remove any optional software of your choice on the next screen.

  3. Agree to Google's terms and conditions.
Optional Free Software:
    Norton Security Scan
    Spyware Doctor
    Google Earth
    Google Toolbar
    Mozilla Firefox
    Adobe Reader
    Google Desktop

    All of the above software (and more) is available with the Free Google Pack.

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User Comments

This free edition is very similar to the paid version of Spyware Doctor. They even offer free email support with this version, although phone support is only offered with the paid version. It comes with automatic updates, so you will always have the latest spyware and adware protection, even as new threats manifest. If a dangerous program is detected, it will automatically remove the malware. This Starter Edition comes with most of the basic features of the full version, though it is missing some of the enhanced features such as Keylogger Guard, Network Guard, and Site Guard. You'll always have the option to upgrade to the enhanced version, though the Starter Edition is a great start. This is a must have for essential computer protection!

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Spyware Doctor Starter Edition is free!

PC Tools ™ has teamed up with Google™ to bring you a fully functional free version of Spyware Doctor. You will have the latest spyware protection with no time limits or expiration period.

This is not a trial version. It is fully functional and comes with the latest in spware and adware protection.

  • Spyware Doctor has won numerous awards every year that it has been on the market.
  • Customer support is provided through email.
  • Automatic updates allow for continual and constant protection
  • Also covers Adware, unlike many other spyware protection programs on the market
  • Easily upgradeable to professional version at any time.
  • Immunization feature locks down your computer from common threats
  • Starter Edition is Free - You have nothing to lose.
Do not risk this security of your computer for a second longer. In the information age, your data is everything. Protect yourself from online threats before they strike. Unlike many other spyware protection programs, Spyware Doctor Starter Edition also protects against adware.

Dangers of Spyware

Spyware programs are most noted for their ability to collect private information from the computer system of an unspecting user. Unfortunately, they can also adversely affect your computer by significantly slowing down performance, and interfering with web browsing. They are often capable of installing additional programs which can be used to cause additional negative consequences. Spyware has been responsible for changing computer settings such as a browser home pages and internet search settings.

Dangers of Adware

Although not all adware is dangerous or malicious, many programs classified as adware are considered to invade the privacy of individuals. Many of the adware programs deliver ads based on information directly collected from user behavior, without user knowledge or consent. Some are responsible for pop-ups advertisemnts and other nuisances.