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  1. Click the "Google Pack" button at the center of this page to begin your FREE download of Norton Security Scan.

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Optional Free Software:
    Norton Security Scan
    Spyware Doctor
    Google Earth
    Google Toolbar
    Mozilla Firefox
    Adobe Reader
    Google Desktop

    All of the above software (and more) is available with the Free Google Pack.

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Norton Security Scan is free!

Symantec™ has teamed up with Google™ to bring you a fully functional free version of Norton Security Scan. Discover the latest threats to your computer from virsuses, spyware, worms, and trojans.

This is not a trial version. Download and install Norton Security Scan for immediate detection and removal of all known viruses.

  • Detects and removes the most dangerous of threats including viruses, worms, trojans and spyware
  • Automatically retrieves new protection updates as they become available
  • Scans running processes
  • Boot Sector checking
  • Full scan mode will check every file on your computer and alert you of any known problems
  • Discover adware and other potential nuisance activity

User Comments

If you don't have any virus protection, then Norton Security Scan is the perfect start. If your computer is acting unusual (unexpected rebooting, crashing, slow performance, slow network activity, etc) then you may have a virus. This program will let you know for sure whether or not your computer is infected, and will remove the threat immediately. Once installed, it will continue to protect your system, including threats introduced from web surfing, emails, and disk usage. It will continually update itself with the latest protection updates, so your computer will always be protected, even as new threats are introduced.

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