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Cloudmark Desktop
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Cloudmark Desktop is the simplest, most effective email protection for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • more than 98% accurate against email abuse
  • stop email-borne viruses before they infect your computer — faster than othervirus-blocking services
  • avoid identity theft, fraud, and other phishing scams
  • automatically move spam from your Inbox into a separate folder
  • never miss a legitimate message
  • free 15-day trial
  • upgrades are always free
Key Features:
  • Easy to install and use
    Cloudmark Desktop installs in moments and instantly begins blocking spam, email-borne viruses, and phishing scams?automatically. Use the simple toolbar to manage your options.
  • Free updates
    All updates are always free. We're continuously developing a more accurate and easy-to-use product based on user feedback and the latest anti-spam techniques. Cloudmark Desktop notifies you when a new update is available.
  • Works With Your Current Email Account
    Cloudmark Desktop is compatible with all email services that can be used with Outlook or Outlook Express, including:
    • IMAP
    • POP3
    • SSL POP3
      (Microsoft Outlook only)
    • Microsoft Exchange
      (Microsoft Outlook only)
    • Gmail using SSL POP3
      (Microsoft Outlook only)
    • MSN/Hotmail using HTTP, or Hotmail Plus using POP3 or HTTP
    • Yahoo! Mail Plus using POP3
    • Coming soon: Support for Windows Vista

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