Remote Desktop Access: PCNow

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WebEx PCNow provides convenient and secure remote computing capabilities.
  • Remote Desktop Control
    Access your PCs from any web browser. It is as if you were sitting at the remote computer.
  • Browser-Based Service
    No software on your local computer needed to access your remote PCs
  • 128 Bit SSL Encryption
    All data transferred during a remote access session, from end to end, is totally secure and private
  • Remote Screen Blanking & Keyboard Locking
    Protects your privacy by preventing people at the remote location from tampering with your computer during a session.
  • Copy and Paste
    Copy and paste text between computers.
  • Phone Authentication
    A unique option that provides extremely high security. Once you attempt to access your remote computer, the WebEx network calls your phone number*. You must then enter the correct access code, using your phone's keypad, to obtain access to the computer.
  • Application Level Access Control
    Prevents access to the desktop and networked resources from any remote location, thus providing a higher level of security to corporate networks.
  • Remote Printing
    Print any document on your remote computer to a local printer.
  • File Transfer
    You can copy files to and from your remote computer. If you travel and forget to bring a document, you can easily access your computer and transfer the file to your local computer.

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