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Replay A/V
CompanyApplian Technologies
Price Free Trial FREE TRIAL ($49.95)


Now you can record any kind of streaming audio or video as it arrives at your computer. Replay A/V supports all the popular formats of streaming media. After recording music or videos, Replay A/V makes it a snap to get your files onto your iPod or MP3 player. This software combines a stream capture, audio recording, and podcast client in one interface. Capture and save from the following sources:
  • Video Clips (YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, etc.)
  • Internet Radio Shows and Stations
  • Internet TV Stations
  • iTunes™ and Shoutcast™ Radio Stations
  • Podcasts
  • TV Tuner Cards
  • Webcams attached to your PC
  • Webcam feeds from the Internet
  • Sirius™ Online
  • XM Radio™ Online
  • Radios, cassette players, or other audio devices attached to your PC
  • Any audio you can hear on your PC!

Download a trial version and 2 bonues programs will be included for free:

Replay Converter: Convert audio and video files to 36 different formats - easily.
Replay Player: Skip over ads and other fluff.

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