Browser Tools: RoboForm

CompanySiber Systems
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RoboForm has won multiple software awards during 2006 including Editor's Choice and Software of the Year.

Today's popular websites usually contain forms and log-in areas of one kind or another. Keeping track of usernames and passwords can be a challenging task. RoboForm simplifies the online experience by keeping track of and remembering your standard user information, along with all of the different log-in/password information that you use on the web. RobForm has so many useful features:
  • Registration and Checkout forms are filled out automatically and instantly
  • Password memorization for online forms
  • Automatic log-in at all of your regular websites
  • Government-strength encryption of passwords, keeping you safe from:
    • Online Phishing
    • Spyware
    • Viruses and Trojans
    • Key loggers
  • Backs up your passwords into a safe place for recovery
  • Can generate strong, random, un-guessable passwords
RoboForm has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, MorningStar, and countless others. RoboForm takes the hassle out of the everyday browsing experience.

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